Processed by marginal farmers and women groups in rural Maharashtra

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Konkan Agri Cashew is an initiative supported by Swades Foundation

About us

Real Konkan Cashews (RKC) is an initiative supported by Swades Foundation, an NGO that is working in the Raigad district since many years with a goal of empowering rural lives. KAC was conceived with the sole purpose of enabling a livelihood means to the marginal farmers and creating entrepreneurs out of them. Over 100 households are currently engaged with RKC and each of them have gone through an extensive training and handholding process to undertake cashew processing. Every household undergoes a due diligence process before they are engaged with RKC.

Meet Yogita

Yogita's life turned upside-down when she lost her husband in an accident. Her life transformed when she took up cashew processing with Real Konkan Cashews. She soon motivated other women to join and today, together, they process 2 tonnes of cashew every month and make INR 60,000 annually.

Be a part of such inspiring stories by purchasing quality cashews from Real Konkan Cashews now.

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Yogita Gaikwad from Kostevillage in Mangaon, Raigad, Her life was transformed after she took up cashew processing with KAC
Processing cycle of KAC

We Care

We ensure moisture retention at minimum throughout the processing cycle which helps us ensure the finest outcome of crispiest cashews. In order to maintain the quality requirements and avoid contamination of the cashew nuts, processing takes place under clean, hygienic, and ideal conditions. with equipment
used in the process such steamer, cutter, racks, mats, tools etc are cleaned regularly. A team from Swades Foundation also inspects the premises of the processor from time to time to ascertain maintenance of these standards.

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Real Konkan 'Super Premium' Cashews-240

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These are cashews from the WW240 variety. They are the second largest size of cashews with us. The name WW implies White Whole and 240 signifies the number of cashews in one pound (lb) of these cashews.

Without any exaggeration, our specially hand-graded and carefully processed cashews are the crunchiest and creamiest, but not overly sweet.

Proceeds from the purchase of every cashew go directly to the beneficiaries on the ground who are a part of the Real Konkan Cashew Initiative.

In one ounce of these cashews, you’d have just 15 cashew nuts. But these are bigger and more dense and are a storehouse of energy, minerals and vitamins necessary for your body.

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