An army of Davids taking on the Goliath

by Amit Gupta

Taloshi is a sleepy little village, tucked neatly in the interiors of Mahad block in Raigad district. But this village is slowly transforming into Real Agri Cashew’s backbone. Leading the transformation is the Shree Ganesh SHG, comprising of 10 women.

The Shree Ganesh SHG (Self Help Group) originally ran a papad and food catering business earning a total of INR 20,000 every month, but owing to the seasonal nature of the industry were out of work for a majority of the year. Moreover, COVID hit them and their family hard, rendering the husbands of 5 of these women out of jobs and income. Reaching out to the Swades Team as they were exploring business opportunities that would ensure stable income, the Real Agri Cashew team approached them to take on the responsibility of cashew grading, retail & wholesale packaging and arranging for storage. They readily took on the challenges and their efforts are reaching fruition.

Currently, the Shree Ganesh SHG grades and packs more than 2 tons of finished cashew every month, earning INR 50,000 every month.

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