Driving Empowerment and Overcoming Challenges

by Amit Gupta

Madhukar Pote, has been a tailor in Walan, a small community in the Mahad block, Raigad. Being a disabled person and having to provide for a large family of 7 has only compounded the challenges in Madhukar's life. Not one to back down, he has constantly been seeking avenues to improve himself and bring home additional income. While working as a tailor in a small village, he managed to earn close to INR 6000 every month, but that wasn’t sufficient for his family.

After expressing his keen interest in the Cashew program, and receiving adequate support and guidance from Swades team, Madhukar has been able to set up a cashew processing unit at his house in Walan. Today, he processes more than 800 kgs of cashew every month, earning almost INR 15,000. He has also been an inspiration to others in his village and motivated them to join him. He now employs 2 physically disabled women in his cashew unit, helping them provide for their family, proving that they too can also earn and sustain their families.

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